Summer Road Trip with Haley

Summer Road Trip with Haley

Haley Hillier is not only a talented Graphic Designer on the Rustico Marketing Team but also a traveler and road trip expert. She’s provided some great tips on how to make the journey more fun and what she and her husband Tanner do to make each road trip an adventure. 


Where are some of your favorite places to drive?

I love driving to California and Washington. Those are my two favorite road trips. I always get so excited when I see the state signs. I also love taking small trips down to southern Utah and going to all the national parks.


Where are you planning to go next?

I'm driving to Coeur d'Alene Lake for a few days in July to spend time with the lake and my family.

What music do you listen to?

I listen to a little bit of everything (except country music). These days, I mostly listen to chillwave, dream pop, lo-fi indie rock type music. But it fluctuates and I find myself listening to anything from smooth jazz to trap music. It really depends on the day and my mood.


Do you listen to audiobooks or podcasts?

We usually just listen to our playlists while we talk. When we get tired we’ve started listening to podcasts about mysteries and those keep us engaged. When we get too tired we just pull over and take a quick nap.

What sort of phone dock do you use? How do you connect your phone to your car sound system?

My phone connects to my car with Bluetooth. I don’t have anything fancy in my car. I just have my phone tucked under my leg usually and I control the music and volume from my steering wheel.


Google Maps or Apple Maps and why?

Apple Maps. I don’t think I’ve ever liked Google Maps. No reason.

What brand of sunglasses do you wear and why do you like a specific pair?

I have these paper light Marc Jacobs sunglasses that I LOVE because I can wear them for hours and I don’t even remember that they are on my face.

 Tanner and Haley in the car 


How do you stay awake on long trips? Do you ever drive through the night? 

We both drink a lot of Diet Coke and Tanner loves candy so we usually have some sugary snacks in the car and we always have drinks.

We drive through the night on occasion. Tanner gets really tired in the sunlight and I get tired in the dark so I usually drive through the day and he will drive at night.

How often do you stop to move around? Do you stop at rest areas?

We never stop to move around we just stop for gas or if we see something really cool that we would like to look at.

Do you go see family and/or friends? Music festivals? Sporting Events? National Parks?

My husband and I have gone to many national parks over the past year. We love seeing beautiful things and going to new places. We also spend a lot of time with our families. We like to explore so sometimes we just get in the car and start driving and see where we end up.

7 Magic Mountains in Nevada 

Are you a pro at packing for a couple of nights away from home?

I'd like to think I've mastered the art of packing over the years. I used to be a HUGE over-packer. I've learned to be a minimalist and only bring the same small bag everywhere I go no matter how long the trip.

Where do you stay overnight (camp, hotel, family/friends)?

We live a pretty frugal lifestyle so sleeping in the back of our jeep or reclining a seat for rest is not foreign for me and my husband. We either stay with family or find a place to camp as much as possible when traveling.

What places do you have to stop to eat?

IN N OUT or maybe a gas station. Whichever one is available at the time.



We appreciate Haley taking some time to talk about the trips she and her husband Tanner have taken. 

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