This Is Our Purpose

This Is Our Purpose

Everyone has a story, what's yours? If you're unfamiliar with how Rustico came to be, it's a good one. Simply put, Rustico started with a leather journal and the desire to record cherished moments.

From there, our four cornerstone values - Purpose, Generosity, Authenticity & Craftsmanship - were rooted to build a brand that will always stay true to its ethos and never digress from our origin. 

What's our purpose? Take a look below as we break it down for you.

  • Step Outside and Reach Within: We are Explorers of outside and self
  • To Explore and Create: Life happens when you step out and live it
  • To Inspire all to Live Intentionally: A single person can make a large impact
  • And Leave Their Mark: Leave a Legacy 


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That is our purpose.

And after being 16 years in business, we've learned when you pursue a purpose, you offer an unmatched quality which fans take note. We stay authentic to our purpose and always reflect back to our early days to remain on that path and leave our mark. 

It's never too late for you to start your journey. We've learned to welcome and enjoy it.






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