This Is Our Story

This Is Our Story

Rustico began when Isaac Childs and a few friends picked a journey to live authentic by designing true-to-yourself accessories through American artisanship. And we’re still trekkin’ it, encouraging the individual to step outside and reach within, to explore and to create.

I was on a travel journal kick in the spring of 1998. Buying six for a backpacking trip would have been overkill, so I bought five. My buddies and I spent most of our time crossing Eastern Europe. I wrote like mad.

The after-college journey ended. So we started another one that same year. Road trip! Montana. The journal I’d used most in Europe found its way out of my rucksack. A page fell out. Poor quality messing with my treasured entries was not something I was cool with. That was it.

I needed a new journal. Something maul proof that didn’t cramp my style. After a disappointing search, a book-binding course and a few Benjamins later, I hunched over a hide of top-grain leather and a full ream of cotton rag paper, crafting it right.

That first journal turned heads. Before long, my best friends and I teamed up with two goals. One. To craft things right from the good stuff. And two. To never let business get in the way of friendship or snowboarding.


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