Popular Rustico Products

Popular Rustico Products

If you’re new to Rustico take a look at some of our popular products. We offer a wide range of products outside of our famous hand sewn journals. We are a team of Artisans that are committed to crafting authentic, top-grain leather products that you can enjoy over a lifetime. Rustico offers products ranging from leather accessories for travel to home and office necessities. We’ve selected five items that are not only some of our favorites but have become adored by fans as well.


Refillable Writer’s Log

Based on our original classic, the Refillable Writer’s Log is made even better by using a finishing stitch and slots to make it refillable. It’s made from our top grain leather and secured with a flap tie closure to protect whatever notes your writing at the time.

People that love it: Writer’s and Heavy Note Takers

Thinking of getting one for yourself?

Expedition Notebook

Every minimalist needs this refillable leather notebook. Top-Grain Leather with dot-grid paper and elastic. That’s all you need. An ideal gift for someone who carries an already full bag.

People that love it: Minimalists and Poets

If you’d like to get an Expedition Notebook for yourself you can get them here.


High Line Pouches

The High Line Leather Pouch lets you easily carry your essential items from office to home and trailhead to summit. We have three sizes (S, M, and L) that allow you to store and transport everything from tech gear to makeup and toiletries.

People that love it: Travelers, Photographers, and Minimalists

Order your own High Line pouch.





Money Clip Wallet

Crafting the most functional wallet in our lineup was no easy task, but the Money Clip Leather Wallet is just what the product design team envisioned. It features a wire clip mechanism that easily holds cash and provides two different slots for storing cards.

People that love it: Gentlemen and Scholars

Get the wallet that has more functionality than the rest.


Leather Passport Cover

Your passport is your ticket to the world and our Leather Passport Cover. This cover comes with two easy-entry interior pockets that allow you to easily store your passport. Next stop, Tokyo!

People that love it: Travelers, Wanderlusts, and Explorers

Conveniently carry and store your passport in the Passport Cover.


We will be putting the spotlight towards more of our top products in the future, but in the meantime, you can browse our site and find these and other great authentic leather products.


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