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Why Carry A Journal

Genius strikes when you least expect it and it pays to have a journal nearby. Journaling sits high on our list of things we love, and there are several benefits to carrying one around. See our top reasons to pack a journal next time you head out the door.

1. Jot it down

Far too often, we come across something amazing and rely on our memory to recall that moment. By having a journal readily available, you can take note of your next best idea while it's still fresh in your mind. 

2. Explore your life

Inspiration lives all around us and it's helpful to copy it down. Whether you're an artist, architect, or writer - we source inspiration from just about everything around us. This is where a pocket journal makes a fantastic companion i.e. when you're on the trail but want your hands free. If you ever get stuck on a project or task, step outside and capture motivation. 

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3. Plan your Dreams

A journal is a great place to put down where you aspire to be and what you dream to become. Whether you're looking for a career pivot or traveling to far away lands, now is a great time to start writing them down. Who knows, perhaps down the road you'll complete your list without realizing it. 

4. Track progress

There's something very satisfying and motivating when one accomplishes a task. Seeing firsthand how your progress is occurring is an incredible feat. By keeping a record in a journal, it helps us track if we truly are progressing (or regressing). It's one reason why bullet journaling is so popular. It's a clever blend of planners, to-do lists, and calendars. Above all, it's a great productivity tool for keeping yourself accountable.

leather journal diary reflect

5. Reflection

This is where journaling excels. A journal should be a space for you and your thoughts with zero judgments. What you produce when pen meets paper should be raw, honest, and authentic. Try carving five minutes a night to put your thoughts on paper. It's easy to scribe a woe is me entry, instead, try focusing on what you're grateful for along with daily affirmations. Still have writer's block? Check out our journal prompts for daily inspiration. 

 6. Improve your handwriting

Good handwriting is an art that takes time to acquire. The only way to improve your script is to practice it and writing things down on a daily basis is a good exercise to get there. Never be shy or embarrassed of your writing again! By picking up this habit, watch your penmanship improve and say goodbye to chicken scratch.


If you're ready to get started, see our selection of journals and notebooks ranging in all sizes. Don't forget, it helps to have the right tools for the job; browse our line of pen and pencils to match your style and leave your mark. 

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