Gear for Your Trip

Gear for Your Trip

We love to step outside and explore. It's one of the many ways we leave our mark and live a Rustico lifestyle. Our staff has put together some of our favorite items we carry with us when we've headed abroad. These are items that are great to include in your luggage for that backpacking trip across Europe or that spontaneous weekend excursion to Southern Utah. All these items will fit into your daily carry pack and will make for a trip that you can write home about.  


Sidekick Cord Wrap - Nobody enjoys dealing with tangled cords and our Sidekick Leather Cord Wrap is the perfect solution to messy cables and cords. When rolled up you’ll have a nice wrap tie bundle that fits comfortably in any bag or tote.


Water Bottle - Stay hydrated and keep water within reach. There are some good water bottles out there, but we really like the Nalgene Water Bottle. Clip it to your pack with a climbing carabiner if you are short on space inside your pack. Nalgene bottles are built to last and can be found for a great price. Around here we cover our bottles with stickers :)

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Laundry Wash Bag - Being able to clean articles of clothing is important and we think the Scrubba Wash Bag does a great job. It allows you to quickly and efficiently clean clothes that have been worn for a few days straight.

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Carrying Pouch - It’s helpful to have a carrying pouch with you for transporting tech gear, art supplies, toiletries, and other essentials. From photographers to artists, there’s always a need to take those everyday items. We are especially fond of the High Line Leather Pouches that we craft here in our workshop and we have three different sizes.



Phone Charger - If you’re not planning on being near the city or find yourself out on the trail for hours at a time, you’ll want a phone charger that can power your tech wherever you are. Anker PowerPort Solar 2 Ports is a top rated solar power charger that we love.


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Journal - Of course, your cargo is nor complete without a journal and we know of some great ones that are excellent for traveling. Our Traveler Journal is the journal that Isaac created over twenty years ago for his trek across Europe. It’s one of the most popular we’ve made and perfect for anyone to record notes about their journey.


Books - “Wherever I am, if I’ve got a book with me, I have a place I can go and be happy.” - J.K. Rowling

Whether at the airport or waiting for transportation, it’s always great to take something you enjoy reading. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight is the captivating story of the life of Phil Knight and his journey from struggling business student to the founder of Nike. If you find yourself without electricity and your e-books and audiobooks are down, you’ll be glad you brought a book.



Water Filter - Wherever the trip takes you, be sure the water is drinkable and we recommend the Life Straw Water Filter for that. Designed especially for emergency packs and kits, it’s microfiltration membrane removes 99.9% of waterborne bacteria, parasites, and microplastics. Each straw purchased also goes towards providing a school child in need with safe drinking water for an entire school year.


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Headphones - Whether you are a podcast junkie, audiobook lover or heavy Spotify user, you’ll want a good pair of headphones to help pass the time. You can get some great pairs that are wireless, noise canceling, and either in or over the ear style depending on your preference. Make sure they are compact and provide a good sounds quality. 




All the above items are great to have with you especially the farther from home you go. Take pictures, write in your journal, read a book during downtime and you’ll find you’ve created an experience that will last a lifetime. Meet new people, learn about their cultures, try the food and leave your mark as you see the world!


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