What's a Rustico Mark Maker?

What's a Rustico Mark Maker?

We use this term a lot around here - Mark Maker. You may have come across it in a previous blog, email or one of our social channels. Every now and then we feature people and brands as Rustico Mark Makers. 

But what is a Mark Maker? Or better yet, how do we select them? The answer is simple and it all begins with this noun, purpose.


pur·pose: the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.  

From the tools in our garage to our home appliances to the very writing instruments we use every day, they all serve a purpose or cause. People have a purpose too. Brands do too. And we love when we meet people who are so passionate about a cause they not only dedicate their weekends to it, they make a career out of it and dedicate their life to it! 

People like Sevag Kazanci and his tribe who help preserve our national parks with a life motto - leave it better than you found it! Farmer Luke and his fifth-generation family farm seeking to cultivate the farmer in all of us and harvest the simple beauty of life through farming. And Mike Schneider and his innovative global ski brand, Surface. You can read up on their full stories by clicking on their names above.   

As for finding our Mark Makers, we simply stumble upon their fascinating stories online or hear about their work from our network of friends. If you know someone or a company that's making a difference in their community through their purpose, we want to meet them. Let us know at retail@rustico.com. We're always on the lookout for future Mark Makers. 

Live intentionally and leave your mark!




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