Top FAQs: Personalizing Our Leather Products

Top FAQs: Personalizing Our Leather Products

In a world filled with automation and mass production, true craftsmanship is a lost art. Quality American craftsmanship is our founding principle; it’s at the core of all we do and integral to the premium products we make.

Take each product we handcraft one step further by personalizing it with up to two lines of text. Personalized leather gifts never fail to leave an impression. 

We use a high-speed precision laser to engrave our leather, creating a crisp and permanent customization. Below are 9 FAQs about our personalization.


1. Which font do you use?

We have 5 options for you to choose from! Our original font, Garamond Bold, is still available, but we've added a few more options so you can really customize the personalization. Feel free to choose all caps, all lowercase, or a mix of the two.


2. What size is the font?

Our standard font size is 24 pt. Personalization on some smaller items such as keychains will be adjusted to fit appropriately, be sure to check the product page details for more information. Items determined as Large (see below) will be personalized with font size 32 pt. Pictured above is our standard 24 pt personalization on a Hunting Log in Saddle. 


3. What’s considered a large item?


Items identified as large will automatically come with a font size of 32 pt. Pictured above is a personalized Large Pad Portfolio in Saddle. The following products are considered large:


4. Where is the personalization located? 

personalize products

Great question. On most journals and notebooks, the personalization will be located at the bottom right-hand side of the book. It's easy to see where personalization will be located on your item once you click the Add + Personalize button. From there, refer to the orange shaded box that appears on the item in your cart.


5. What does the final result look like?

Pictured above is the outcome to expect with your personalization. See the results of selecting to personalize on a darker leather vs. a lighter leather. Notice that lighter colors such as Buckskin, Natural, and Saddle are best for a more visible engraving. Darker leather colors offer a more subtle engraving. 


6. What do two lines of text look like?

Two lines of personalization

If you would like to place two lines of text on your product, each line allows for a maximum of 25 characters (including spaces) and will be centered. You can easily see if your text adheres to this limit by entering your desired text on the product page of any given item.


7. What can I personalize?

leather personalization rustic

Most leather products can be personalized, but please be aware that items like pens cannot be personalized.

Feel free to get creative with your personalization text! We’ve seen everything from initials to nicknames, inspirational quotes to a bible verse, love notes to job titles, and everything in between. We can engrave text, numbers, and symbols that appear on a standard US keyboard. Unfortunately, we are not able to engrave emojis.


8. How much does it cost?

leather notebook personalization

It costs $10 for the first line of personalization and $5 for the second line. Please note that personalization for most items is limited to 25 characters per line (including spaces) and not all products can fit a second line. Pictured here is personalization on our Burgundy Writers Log Refillable Notebook.


9. Can I change the font size?

Unfortunately, no. We’ve crafted the perfect size of text for the wide array of products offered in the Rustico catalog. This helps ensure a cohesive look across all of your purchases.



We hope this blog helped answer most of your questions when it comes to leaving your mark. If you have a question you didn't see here, feel free to reach out to us by email or call in at 866-426-4957. 

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