Leather Journals

Open up one of our handmade leather journals and put pen to paper. Each leather journal and notebook we craft is artisan-made using the finest U.S. sourced top-grain leather and acid-free paper.

Our journals add weight and enhance your written words or inspired sketches. We hope that yours will become a welcome friend taken on your travels to document your journeys.

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Writers Log Large Leather Notebook Rustico-Original-red1
BK0169-0005 Rustico-Original-red1
BK0050-0005-BK Rustico-Original-red1
BK0050-0005-WP Rustico-Original-red1
BK0020-0505-PK Rustico-Original-red1
BK0040-0005-BK Rustico-Original-red1
BK0040-0005-WP Rustico-Original-red1
BK0020-0005 Rustico-Original-red1