Leather Journals

Open up one of our handmade leather journals and put pen to paper. Crafted by expert artisans with only the finest leather and paper, it will last for generations.

Each leather journal and notebook we craft is artisan-made using the finest U.S. sourced top-grain leather and acid-free paper. Our journals add weight and permanence to your written words or inspired sketches.... Read More

BK0170-0004 Rustico-Original-red1
BK0050-0004-BK Rustico-Original-red1
BK0050-0004-WP Rustico-Original-red1
BK0020-0101-PK Rustico-Original-red1
BK0040-0004-BK Rustico-Original-red1
BK0040-0004-WP Rustico-Original-red1
BK0020-0004 Rustico-Original-red1