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Machine Era Pen Original Brass

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    The Machine Era Original Brass Pen is durable and versatile so you can take it anywhere and use it for jotting notes or sketching. The brass body provides a hefty weight with balance and the ability to develop a patina. Without rubber O-rings or moving parts to wear out, this is a pen built to last.

    • Manufacturer: Machine Era
    • SKU: ME-Original-Brass
    • Machined from solid brass
    • Threaded cap
    • Compact design
    • Pilot G2 cartridge preloaded
    • Made in USA
    • Weight: 1.6 oz
    • Length (capped): 4.6”
    • Length (open): 4.3”
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    Dana Wiltshire (Houston, US)

    Machine Era Pen Original Brass

    Suzanne (Wethersfield, US)

    I included this pen with the Pilot's Log that I am gifting to my brother for Christmas. He hasn't received it yet.

    Paul O'Brien (Oakton, US)
    The most beautiful pen collecting dust in my drawer : - (

    This pen is BEAUTIFUL. It's SOLID. Solid brass. Machined magnificently. Balanced. CLASS ACT. I LIKE it, but just can't LOVE it. As a reviewer elsewhere said, "the nicest pen I'll probably never use." Why? Well, though much of this is personal and based on how I tend to use a pen, so YMMV, I'll present my complaints, just so others can weigh these points for themselves.

    1. What really bugs me is the thread pitch for the cap. I tend to use pens quickly. Open, write briefly, close, replace in pocket. Given the thread pitch, I'm turning the cap several rotations just to get it off. Kaweco, in their Sport model, figured this out. It's just one rotation of the cap or barrel and it's open and ready. This pen I feel I'm turning and turning and turning just to open it. With one of my favorite capped pens (and I use capped pens all the time; got tired of forgetting to retract the tip on "clickers" and ruining enough shirts with ink spots some years ago), the Pentel Libretto, it's just a pull of the cap. But I like a little more "class" that brass pens offer. Yet with this one, I'd still be unscrewing the cap while with the Libretto I'd have it back in my pocket already. A few seconds? Yes, important to me. Now if you tend to write a lot, this probably wouldn't bother you. Just want those reading about the pen to know this.

    2. The cap has to be screwed on to post it. Again, seconds go by and you have to really watch where you're putting it. Again the Kaweco Sport (around since 1935) you just post it. Success is durable and timeless. So when I do use it, I tend to leave the cap posted and leave it on my desk. Oh boy, that brings up another problem (see below).

    3. The cap is too short. Huh? Well, I keep my pens in my shirt pocket. This one's really a "pants pocket" pen. Fine, if that's what you want, just be aware. But if you want to use, for example, a Fisher Space Pen clip (which will fit) you HAVE to put it on the pen BODY. That's opposite of virtually every other capped pen in the world. So it carries "tip down" in your pocket, whereas most pens with a cap and clip (on the cap) are carried tip UP. So you have to reorient yourself from any other pen you might be carrying. End of the world? No, just be aware of it. I like consistency. YMMV. Believe me (and see other reviews online), you can't get a clip on that cap. I've tried, it just won't work. Well, you say, buy their other pen - the Markup. Seriously, though, that looks like the makers can't get beyond their original basic concept; they took away the ribs on the body (which get in the way of the end/tip of an add-on clip on this one, the Classic) and put a cheap clip on it (have read reviews that it isn't very sturdy) and the carry orientation remains - they kept that short cap so that the thin clip HAS to go on the body.

    4. Others have complained (and this is related to the short cap problem) that the threads that hold the cap on get in the way of their fingers when holding it. I haven't had this issue, but consider how and where you hold ("choke up" so to speak) a pen. It is pretty short in real estate, so to speak.

    5. Ah, no clip. No big deal. Yeah, until you put it down on your desk. Part of its beauty, its symmetry, is its enemy. IT ROLLS. Unless you put it on a completely FLAT surface, it's gonna roll away from you. Quickly. A clip would stop that, and I think that's why so many people want to put one on.

    6. Refills. They nailed this one - ubiquitous and inexpensive Pilot G2's. I, however, prefer needle tip refills, like the Pentel EnerGel, in 0.5 mm. There is a hack, however, that I found. If you just put one in, it'll fit OK, but the open end gets crammed VERY tightly into the top of the body, so tightly that it creates a seal that prevents ink flow. You'll get a few lines, then the tip is ink-starved. A reviewer on Amazon actually drilled a hole into the tip of his pen (!). What I found works perfectly, without marring the pen, is drill (or burn w/a hot needle tip) a tiny hole in the empty space at the tip of the refill (on the side - think Bic Stik pens - they have a little hole on the side, this is what you're doing). This opens the refill to the atmosphere (through the area around the tip) enough to allow ink to flow perfectly. Hope that helps someone who likes EnerGel refills and a needle point.

    So this is one beautiful, classy pen, MADE IN THE USA. But it just doesn't QUITE make it for me. They won't listen to me, but it's one of those "almost hit the mark, but not quite" products for me. I bought one, but won't buy another. Again, YMMV; plenty of people love it, I want to, but just can't.

    Stephen B (West Newbury, US)
    Awesome Pen

    Solid. Perfect ink flow. The best.

    David C.
    Excellent EDC Pen

    This is a very well made writing implement. I really like that it is simple, solid, made in the USA, and can easily use many different ink cartridges, primarily Pilot G10 refills.