New Art Journals

leather art journals

creativity has somewhere to go

For any aspiring artist eager to exhibit their creativity, we're happy to introduce three new Artist Journals to join the collection. Each book carefully handmade by our skilled artisans and come with premium 100% cotton paper ideal for watercolor, inks, acrylics, pastels, and more wet media! You don't need to be a Pablo, Claude, and Vincent; all you need is your imagination and desire to cultivate your inventive side.


Pablo Art Journal
6.25" x 4.25"

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Claude Art Journal
9" x 6"

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Vincent Art Journal
10.5" x 10.5"

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1.Three new sizes / 2. Handsewn / 3. #140 lb paper 
4. Buckle closure / 5.Landscape layout


leather art journals

1. Three new sizes

Choose the right journal based on your needs. If you enjoy painting in a landscape layout and on-the-go, the Pablo and Claude journals will work great for you. Looking for a more spacious page spread? The Vincent journal boasts 10” x 10” pages for to depict endless imagination.


leather art journals

2. Handsewn journals

Archive your best work in any of our three new watercolor journals. Each book is firmly hand sewn by our skilled artisans using premium, irish waxed linen ensuring each portfolio becomes an artistic keepsake.


art journal leather

3. #140 lb paper

Finding the right paper for your art can make the difference, that's why we sourced thick, 100% cotton, cold-pressed #140 lb pages for your brilliant works of art. Cold pressed pages offer a more premium, textured surface that absorb wet media quickly and definitively. 


leather art journal

4. Buckle Closure

 This simple and secure closure make the buckle a fan favorite for its quick and easy functionality.


journal art leather

5. Landscape layout

Take flight outdoors in plein art painting with our new art journals. Designed to lay landscape orientation and compact size, the Pablo and Claude journals are fantastic for your next trip on the trail in search of striking views and scenes.