Introducing Blackwing

blackwing rustico collection pencils

The Blackwing Collection

When it came time to pair the right pencil with our leather journals and notebooks, we quickly decided on Blackwing. They are built by artisans, who like us, craft quality tools that they themselves love to use and allow them to feel, make, and do more. Known for their premium craftsmanship and tactile touch, Blackwing pencils are some of the best available and belong in the same pack as your Rustico Journal.    

We are excited to offer Blackwing pencils and accessories to create a pleasant writing and drawing experience.



blackwing pencils 602

Sharpen your skills with these polished and proven Blackwing pencils. Known for their smooth and precise writing ability, Blackwing pencils are synonymous with quality. They were built for everyone from musicians to sketchers to woodworkers! Choose from the Blackwing and Blackwing 602 to boost your creativity. These premium pencils come in sets of 12.


Pencil Crayons

pencil crayons blackwing

Blackwing Color Pencils are ideal for those needing to escape to their world of creativity. With a uniquely soft and incredibly smooth Japanese color core, each pencil has been constructed with coloring in mind. The semi-hexagonal barrel found in these pencils, along with the metal end cap add just the right amount of finely balanced weight for a comfortable and effortless experience. Built from genuine California incensed cedar.


Pencil Sharpener

blackwing pencil sharpener

Blackwing pencils are designed to be sharpened using a unique two-step process allowing for the perfect point. First, sharpening the wood and followed by sharpening the graphite core itself to a fine point. Each sharpener comes with two stainless steel replacement blades and a built in, automatic brake that prevents over sharpening. Claim your Pencil Pencil Sharpener today! 


Point Guard

blackwing tip guard

Keep your fine pencil tip in the same condition you left it with the Blackwing Point Guard. Using lightweight, machined aluminum the Point Guard protects the point of your pencil as it travels with you either in your bag, pocket, or pencil roll. Comes in matte black, bright gold, bright silver or a mix of the three. Pencil not included.