Expedition Leather Notebook expose

The Minimalist

Everyone's favorite go to

The Expedition Leather Notebook

The Expedition notebook has become the Rustico office mascot and a best seller. It's sleek minimal design appeals to the masses. Hard not to hop on the bandwagon with this one. 

Morphs to your needs

This notebook can do almost anything. The brilliant minds behind Quire and Co put together a video to show the Expedition in action with these DIY pocket hacks. Grab some scissors and give it a try!

As shown: Saddle 

Never Fear

Strong. Simple. Functional. Sometimes simplest is the way to go. The elastic band closure can be trusted to keep all loose papers and important notes safe and sound. Oh, did we mention inexpensive refills keeps this treasure around!

As shown: Buckskin

Bite Size Journaling

Dubbed fun size! Small enough to fit in your palm and ready to record your next best idea. You’re going to love our Expedition Point Five notebook fitted at pocket size dimensions.

Papaya! Papaya!

For a limited time get the artistic, bright and vibrant Papaya Art notebook in our leather Expedition. Certain to get the creative juices flowing with these 2-100 page notebook and sketchbook bundle.

As shown: Burgandy Snowy Spruce insert

Journal Outside The Lines

Comes stock with dot grid paper inserts. Easy to keep your writing straight, and have freedom to doodle. Inserts available once you fill it up.

A little nudge...

Ever need a little help knowing what to write? The Paradigm is your companion full of ideas offering a different daily prompt each day for 90 days. Goodbye writers block!

 As shown: Paradigm Buckskin


Mini Me

It’s so good we made it in two sizes. This Papaya Expedition 0.5 Weekly Calendar comes in 3.75″ x 5.25 pocket ready notebook. List makers, meet your new best friend.

As shown: Saddle Papaya! Weekly Calendar