Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions regarding our product, leathers, operations, and more. Perhaps we can answer it right here in our compiled list of faq's.


Q: How long after I place my order will it ship? 

A: Since all our products are hand made to order, we have a standard 2 business day production period before an order is shipped out from our facility. 


Q: Does personalization on my item delay the production time? 

A: No. Orders with personalization will still be scheduled to ship out within the 2 business days time frame.  


Q: Are your products made in the USA? 

A: All our products are hand made in the USA 


Q: Where are you located? 

A: We are located in Lindon, Utah.  


Q: My product has some dark lines and markings on it, is this normal?  

A: Since we use top grain, genuine cowhide it is not uncommon for leather to have dark marks, some scarring, stretch marks, insect bites, etc.  Usually darker lines like that are scars from the cows rubbing up against things.  These scars can also become a darker color than the rest of the hide as a natural part of the tanning process.  Here is a link that better explains all of this and why we embrace it as unique!   


Q: My product seems to have some scratches; how can I fix it?  

A: Top-grain leather, although extremely durable, is susceptible to scratches. The leather we use is not highly treated, so small scratches and scuffs from handling are to be expected, especially with our Dark Brown hides. Generally, these can be easily buffed out with a damp cloth. We embrace all leather characteristics, including scratches, not just because they are typical of unprocessed hides but because they make an item uniquely yours. 


Q: The color of my product looks different than the picture, is this normal?  

A: Some color variation between hides is common and is a natural result of the tanning process. These make each piece unique while still preserving the tone and hue of your chosen color. 


Q: I have an item that is personalized, can I return it?  

A: We do not accept any returns or exchanges for personalized items.  


Q: What can I add for personalization? 

A: Our standard personalization for most of our products includes any text found on a standard English keyboard, up to 25 characters for up to two lines. Here is a link for some personalizations examples.


Q: Can I include further customizations on my journal, such as an image or logo? 

A: We offer custom projects on orders of 150 units or more. If this is something you’re interested in please let us know!  


Q: Is your paper archival safe? 

A: Our paper is meant to last and keep your creations safe and is acid free