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5E Gaming Journals

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Greetings, Traveler!

Introducing Rustico's newest gaming adventure; the 5E Gaming Journal series. Using our top-grain leather and unique foil stamping abilities, in collaboration with Field Notes, we have created a journal that will enhance your next game.

The 5E Character Notebook

Contains charts and tables for logging the following information.

  • Character Elements
  • Race Details / Ancestry Details
  • Personality Traits, Bonds, Ideals, Flaws
  • Backstory
  • Class / Subclass / Class Table / Stats
  • Attacks / Spellcasting / Languages / Ammunition
  • Spellcasting Table / Favorite and Frequent Spells
  • Proficiencies and Skills
  • Equipment / Money / Treasures
  • Downtime and Leisure Activity Tracking
  • Character Level Notes
  • Allies / Hirelings / Sidekicks
  • Faction Details
  • Campaign Quotes and Notes
  • Behind-the-Scenes / Thoughts / Theories
  • Session Log

The 5E Game Master Notebook - Special Edition

This journal contains charts and information for the following information and is available in a violet foil stamp and black leather.

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