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Gist Tactile Turn Fountain Pen with Leather Case

The perfect writing instrument. Simple, purposeful, and modern, the Tactile Turn Gist Fountain Pen is made in Richardson, Texas by a group of talented, American craftsmen. The pen is built out of premium Stainless Steel, refillable ink plunger, has a handsome nib, and made with a classy, textured exterior for better usability. Pair this pen with one of our journals for a blissful journaling experience.

gist pen copper

Quality materials

Our line of high-quality Tactile Turn pens are made from two of the best materials known to man, copper and stainless steel. A textured outer exterior provides better writing grip as well as a unique appearance. Designed to be well used everyday. Shop Now.

steel nib

A writers dream...

Fitted with an attractive steel nib that writes well and lasts long. This pen is perfect for any occasion, classy or casual. Due to its quality, it will surely last for many years to come. Shop Now.