The Gratitude Journal

A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all others

Do you think of gratitude practice as a method of self-care? Probably not, but you should! If you make practicing gratitude a habit, the chemistry of your body and brain will change. From these changes, you can expect various benefits to your physical health and emotional wellbeing.

One of the top ways to practice gratitude is by keeping a gratitude journal. While there are many techniques for doing so, we’ve created our Gratitude Journal with special templated pages designed by Rustico founder and CEO, Isaac Childs. Isaac has kept a gratitude journal for years; his style of journaling helped influence the content and layout of the pages in our new Gratitude Journal.

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How gratitude has changed our lives.

Our Gratitude Journal focuses on both reflection and action to improve your life. We believe these three steps will breed more positivity.

  1. Thinking about gratitude
  2. Writing it down
  3. Expressing it to others

We believe that these simple steps will shape your thoughts and actions in a way that will give your life focus and direction. We interviewed Isaac Childs, our founder, about how his life has changed because of these three steps. Click below to read more.

Why we chose the Cairn as a symbol in our Gratitude Journal.

When you truly practice gratitude daily, it becomes like a cairn on the side of a trail. There are times when you encounter a trail that’s worn or washed away, one that splits in a few different directions, or it all begins to look the same. In these moments, I am always happy when I find the small stacks of stones that are like stoic guides to keep me on the right track to my destination. The practice of gratitude is my way of finding those cairns daily.