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Use Gratitude as a Guide.

Did you know that practicing gratitude is a method of self care? Put yourself in the right head space by remembering and recording the things you are most grateful for. Gratitude journaling has been shown to positively influence anxiety, self doubt and can even help you sleep better.

Find Meaning in the Moments, Things and People that Impact Your Life Daily

Daily Prompts

The Rustico Gratitude Journal challenges you to find the positive moments in the day, as well as how to create happy moments for yourself and those around you.

Premium Leather Cover with Extra-Thick Rough Cut Paper

Not only is it hand stitched in the USA, This journal is made of ALL-Premium materials to last longer than your lifetime. Journals are generational family heirloom pieces that your children and even grandchildren will cherish as they are handed down.

Less Stress, More Happiness

Gratitude Journaling is a three-step process. Thinking about gratitude, writing it down, and then expressing it. Following this process is known to help decrease anxiety, bring more attention to the important things in life and may even help you sleep better at night.

Meet Marissa

Marissa is a mother of 3 teenagers.

She noticed that her kids were regularly doing a lot of complaining...

One day, her daughter went on to vent about how her friends/people she follow on social media were off having more fun and enjoying life more than she was.

So Marissa listened and then when her daughter finished venting, she asked "What did you do today that made you happy?"

Her daughter was kind of shook by this question and quickly responded "nothing".

That's when Marissa knew that she needed something that would help her kids remember the good things that happen daily.

Marissa went on a search looking everywhere for something to help her kids but she was struggling to find the right thing. She was starting to feel lost on what to get..

That is, until she came across our Gratitude Journal.

"Dear Rustico,

I was a mother struggling to help my kids see the good things that were happening in their life.

They were spending too much time on social media watching the people they follow live it up and it was taking a toll on each of them mentally.

I wish I could get them to quit their phones, but all mothers know how impossible that is with teenagers.

I knew that I needed to do something to help them gather their thoughts and see the good things that happen daily.

I thought about getting a blank journal for each of them but I knew that I needed something with prompts that would ask the right questions.

Luckily I found your Gratitude Journal and I knew it was perfect! I ended up buying one for all three of my kids and also one for myself and my husband.

It has been a lifesaver! Now every night before bed, we all write in our journals as a family and then we share something good that happened during the day.

I've noticed that in myself, my anxiety has gone down and my kids seem to be happier also.

Thank you for such an amazing product!


Defeat the Blank Page

This templated journal acts as your guide and gives you direction by encouraging reflection and the recording of memories. A few minutes of daily writing adds up over time. Now there’s no more wondering what to write!

Classic Colors

The Gratitude Journal is available in our classic, neutral tones. Dark Brown, Saddle, Black, Burgundy, Buckskin and Natural all have a timeless aesthetic and age beautifully. Find the color that fits your style best.

Keep a Written Legacy

This journal is designed to capture your memories and impressions, both of which will be priceless to look back on. The Gratitude Journal will become a valuable keepsake you and future generations will cherish.


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Customer Reviews


"This journal makes for the perfect gift for someone who might have a hard time getting out of a downward spiral in their thoughts. Each pages includes prompts to write about things you can be grateful for, rather than just leaving the writer with an empty page to figure it out themselves. It’s really helpful for someone who needs to work on being more considerate of the little things!"


20 July 2021


"With 2020 Being what it was or what it is this is a great new practice defined the bright spots in the world and in my life life.."


19 Dec 2020


"I saw this and had to have it. It's so very pretty. Now here's the great part, I've been using it and I have to say it has really helped my outlook. Things have been pretty challenging this year and this has helped me see the good that happens on a daily basis. One thing I am thankful each and every time I use the journal is the beauty of the journal itself and the gorgeous smell.

This journal has helped me on multiple levels. I appreciate the prompts, sometimes a blank page can be intimidating. Thank you Rustico!"


08 December 2020

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Natural, Top-grain leather

There's something unique and captivating about natural leather in its rough and rugged state. Rather than picking leathers that are perfectly polished and highly treated, we decided to use natural, top-grain leather left just raw enough for you to leave your mark.

Feel good being unique

You may notice your item has some color variation and markings on it. Some may confuse these as imperfections, but they are actually sought after characteristics of raw, natural leather that we use. We embrace this look knowing it will develop a unique patina with use providing that rugged, rustic look we love. Go ahead, leave your mark.


Retail Price - $80

But we have it on sale today...

Today's Price - $55.00