Introducing the Grant Passport Travel Wallet

leather wallet passport

To travel is to live

We’ve taken a decade of customer feedback to craft this compact leather wallet. Built to provide you with all the needed real estate for any international jet setter, get ready for your next trip with this versatile passport wallet. 


Designed with purpose

leather passport wallet

Whether you’ve set your sights on the ancient elevated Inca city, Machu Picchu or the exquisite, marble-white Taj-Mahal, the Grant Passport Wallet is your ticket to see the world! Choose from our 8 classic leather colors to match your personality.

Made for travel

leather passport wallet rustico

Travel is true nirvana for globetrotters. Enjoy the journey in visiting new continents and experiencing different cultures by upgrading your passport holder. Safely secure your passport in one main compartment meanwhile stashing coins, cash, receipts, and boarding passes in the other. Two card slots available for holding credit cards, hotel keys, license, and more.