Rustic candle leather

A rustic ambiance for every home

Invite the rich, captivating smell of leather and more inside your home with our new Rustico Candle collection. Each scent was carefully selected to provide a unique setting experience and help bring the outdoors indoors. Five soothing scents to choose from all housed in a rustic, concrete vessel.

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1. Rich Scent / 2. Concrete Vessel / 3. Copper Rivet / 4. Leather Accents / 5. Reusable Pot


leather rustic candle

1. Rich Scent

Carefully crafted, these scents fill a room quickly and efficiently. From the potent smell of coffee to the calming scent of the Redwoods, each scent will create the perfect atmosphere in your home or office. Available in five memorable, soothing scents!


leather candle rustic

2. Concrete Vessel

Rustic yet refined, each scent is housed in our specialized concrete vessels. Carefully poured, no two vessels are alike making each candle truly one-of-a-kind.


rustic leather candle

3. Copper Rivet

Each of our hand poured vessels are carefully crafted with the same attention to detail that we give all our handmade items. The Rustico copper rivet ensures you're getting an authentic piece that is built to last.


leather rustic candle

4. Leather Accents

The leather accent adds a softer touch to the complimentary concrete vessel. Seen from any angle, it adds to the timeless appearance.  


rustic leather candle

5. Reusable Pot

Adding to the uniqueness of the candle is the ability to transform the vessel into a planter for small house plants after the wax is spent. Simply clean out the container with warm water and insert your small plant.