Leather bifold wallet minimalist

Minimalist meets classic

It's a new wallet to get excited over and we've crafted what is perhaps our best one yet. The Benjamin Bifold is handmade for the gentleman wanting a simple design and maintains a sleek, traditional look. Step towards slimming down your everyday carry with the new Benjamin Bifold. 

1. CLASSIC BIFOLD / 2. Leave Your Mark

3. z cut card slits / 4. bill compartment 

leather bifold wallet

1. Classic Bifold Design

Our new Benjamin bifold wallet is built for those looking to take the plunge towards minimalism. This simplified bifold wallet helps one scale back to your most essential cards and still leaves room for cash. No bells or whistles on this design. Straightforward and rustic, just the way we like it.


Leather Bifold Wallet rugged

2. Leave your mark rivet

See our newest, double-sided copper rivet pressed into the Benjamin bifold standing as a daily reminder to leave your mark! 


leather rugged bifold wallet

3. Z cut card slits

When we say leave your mark we mean it, we always strive to distance our designs from the rest and these unique Z-cut slits help cards stand out at a glance so there’s no mistake which is which. Carry only what’s necessary by selecting 2-3 cards to call this wallet home.

 Leather Bifold Wallet Rustic

4. Bill compartment 

We’ve extended the Z-cut design into the bill compartment as well so you can easily count cash on hand from a glance. Quickly tally up bills by leafing through the corners without taking any out.   


Leather Bifold Wallet Rugged

Inspired by an American Hero 

Named after one of our nation’s most influential and iconic founding fathers, you'll find him on the most prestigious currency bill circulated in the world, Benjamin Franklin! This new, timeless bifold will go on to be a part of your family's legacy for many years to come.