handsewn journal courier

Courier Leather Journal

Our new Courier Leather Journal takes everything a Rustico journal excels at and packs it into a convenient, compact size. Handcrafted with American craftsmanship in our top-grain leathers, we've added an interior pen loop and secure double tie wrap to complete its unique look. Take down the details of each adventure in what's become our new favorite journal. Perfect for a quote book or recording road trip adventures.



Unique design

handsewn leather journal

Inspired by the epic Western film, Dances With Wolves, the Courier journal is a parallel affinity to Lt. Dunbar's trusted, rough and rugged diary. Its handsewn, fold-over leather flap, and secure, double tie wrap closure make this unique design a much-loved piece to any writer's collection. 


Just the right size

leather handsewn journal

Crafted to a compact size, this journal easily fits in a pack or comfortably in your hands. The Courier measures 7” x 6” with 160 blank pages. It’s just the right size! 


Named by you

leather handsewn journal

Every now and then we'll look to you for help to craft the next name of our latest design and the Courier is a testament of that! We received nearly 700 entries from over 500 participants to land on the Courier. We couldn’t have done it without you, thanks for being a part of the development stage. Keep an eye out for next Rustico naming contest!  


Discrete Pen Loop 

handmade leather bound Courier journal

Having the right tools for the job helps! After all, what's a journal without a pen? Keep yours close while leaving your hands free with our built-in interior pen loop. It neatly tucks under the flap; easily accessible for the next job.