Introducing The Diplomat


Diplomat Attaché Case

Attaché's have evolved over the years and you should too. More and more people are carrying less with the help of advanced technology like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. As a result, you don't need as much cargo room as before. The new Diplomat Attaché is a slim, stylish, and functional leather briefcase that securely carries your office essentials, valuables, and more. From Attorneys to Designers to Students, it's perfect for the working professional looking to scale down their everyday carry. 


Everybody has a Purpose

Leather Attache Case

By far one of our most polished and highly anticipated designs to be released from development. Our Diplomat Attaché Case is the exemplary office leather carryall, versatile for any profession. It's a slim fusion where refined meets rugged. Earnestly handcrafted by our expert artisans, get to know the ins and outs of this high-end, minimalist briefcase. 


Make a statement

leather attache case diplomat

The Diplomat was built to inspire and empower each of us by preserving and transporting the tools that help us perform at our very best. It's a rugged, modern design made for any minimalist. Find the leather tone that fits your personality and make a statement in your career. 


Unique e-hook closure

leather attache case 

We were convinced the Diplomat was all dialed in but just before launch, we switched up the closure. The prior model had a magnetic, clasp closure that fastened with a pull force once the two ends were close enough to one another. This closure is commonly found among other leather bags and satchels but we didn't like how easily it became unsnapped. We wanted something more secure and unique.

Throughout our search, we came across a double end clasp hook that caught our eye. We modified it to our design and custom cut it in stainless steel. What you see today is our own unique e-hook closure that you won't find anywhere else. It topped the Diplomat off with the precise industrial finish we were searching for. The e-hook surpassed our expectations; it was easy to hook, unhook, distinct, abiding, and reliably secures the flap. The Diplomat was now complete. 



Back Zipper Pocket

leather attache diplomat

Securely store your most important accessories and more in the rear pocket. This 12" x 7" exterior back pocket provides supplementary space for immediate needs like your phone or keys. The final piece to the pocket is the lasting antique brass zipper to firmly hold all contents inside.


More Width

leather attache case diplomat


In the earliest phases of the attaché, we knew we wanted it to be simple and sleek. To achieve this, the initial design had the two exterior walls meet at the ends and sewn together. After stuffing it a few times we quickly realized it needed some width to adequately fit a laptop and more. Some brainstorming sessions later, our team added a 1" gusset down each side to give it some girth while maintaining a slim profile. This redesign made it capable to fit a laptop, folio, papers, phone, pens, and your keys inside. 


Name Game

leather attache case
Some of you may remember that we got our fans directly involved in the development process when it came to naming the attache and the Diplomat was coined by you! We used this image to distribute throughout our email newsletter and social media platforms to collect inspiration and rewarded one lucky fan with the very first Diplomat in Rustico history. Some of the best runners-up were: 

Atticus Finch
The Professor
Pony Express
The Citizen
The Indiana (Yes, after Indiana Jones)

    We had so much fun hearing your creative feedback that we've already begun thinking which next item to ask for your input. Stay tuned!