Maverick Leather Log

rank and file

Geared for our Military members but ideal for any writer, our new Maverick Leather Log is the perfect journaling companion. Crafted with purpose and designed for functionality, it provides a snap closure for securing your notebook, business card slit, and pen loop. Redesigned with upgraded features to improve on our previous Green Military Log. The Maverick is refillable and will fit up to a 5" x 8.25" notebook allowing it to be easily stored in any rucksack or shoulder bag.  

1. Snap Closure / 2. Pen Loop / 3. Business Card Slit 
leather 33 books taste journal                                                                                    

4. Refillable / 5. Up To 5" x 8.25" Notebook


Green Military Log Book Leather

Snap Closure

Cover that green with some top-grain leather! The latest version of our new Maverick Military Log has been promoted with some new features such as a snap closure and trusted pen loop.


leather Green Military log book

Pen Loop

The days are gone of scrambling for a pen. After all, genius strikes when you least expect it. Find your pen where you last left it - inside your log book. The new pen loop is tightly sewn under the front cover securing your writing instrument.


leather military book green

Business Card Slit

Inside the left side of your Maverick log, you’ll find a versatile slit perfect to hold anything from business cards to identification to credit cards.


leather green military log book refillable

Holds up to a 5" x 8.25" notebook

Don’t worry about taking too many notes! We’ve built the Maverick Log so it can fit a standard Green Military Notebook or up to several 5” x 8.25” notebook.  

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