Large Leather Composition Cover With Buckle Closure expose

Buckle Up

Everything's Better With a Buckle

Rustico Large Leather Composition

Large Leather Composition Cover With Buckle Closure

Same captivating look as its predecessor, now with a new feature!

Everything's better with a buckle

Great look, low cost refills, and a new buckle that doubles as a pen loop. These are some characteristics of our revamped Large Composition Cover. Check out why it’s quickly becoming a fan favorite!

Featured here in our Ocean leather color.

Large Leather Composition with Buckle

Only two-tone option available

You can now get the best of two colors in the only two-tone color combination available- Saddle and Dark Brown! Want to stick to your favorite tone, no problem. Choose from our classic 7 color options as well.

Pictured here are Two-Tone, Buckskin, and Black.

Rustico Large Leather Comp with Buckle

Attractive look to it

Influenced at the college level, this is the same striking look as the original. Scrape it, scratch it, drop it! Don’t be alarmed by blemishes, our leather is designed to improve as you use it. In fact, we would argue that the character you give it makes it better.

Pictured here in Saddle.

Large Leather Comp Notebook

Secure in Writing Tools

If your next meeting started 5 minutes ago and you still  have to wrap up your gear, this is the journal for you. Toss in loose papers and buckle in that pen. You’re ready to go.

Pictured here in Two-Tone Saddle + Dark  Brown.

Large Composition Notebook

Ample writing space

Stop running out of real estate and never miss a mark when it comes to taking notes. This pad provides ample writing space for the detailed note taker.

Pictured here in Dark Brown.