Introducing the Chronicle Art Book

leather artist sketchbook

practice makes perfect

Make drawing your morning practice! It took some time to polish the Chronicle Art Book but worth the wait. Finally, a traveling sketchbook that allows you to take your tools with you and keep a chronological account of your best handiwork. See a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the Chronicle Art Book

leather art sketchbook draw


1. Unique e-hook closure

leather art drawing sketchbook

We strive to stay authentic to ourselves, especially when it comes to designing. When drawing up the Chronicle, we wanted something that was rustic, easy to secure and remove, and uncommon from other designs out there. We custom built this e-hook closure clasp from to our specific wants and needs. It's one of the first Rustico designs to feature this closure.


2. Three Cargo Pockets

leather sketchbook art

We knew early on we wanted a book that was hands-free but still carried your go-to instruments. The sewn in pockets were a must, we just didn’t know where and how. After some concepts, we found the pockets were best on the exterior of the cover but still protected somehow from everyday carry. Under the fold-over flap closure, you’ll find three sewn-in pockets that accomplish just that. 


3. Prisamcolor Colored Pencils

leather art sketchbook


Inspiration strikes at any moment and we wanted this sketchbook to be equipped with the right tools for the job. The Chronicle Art Book includes a 24-pack of Prismacolor color pencils to begin your journey immediately. Draw, sketch, or doodle whatever inspiration strikes you. We selected these colored pencils for its thick lead, variety of colors available, and premium, quality construction. They won't let you down!


4. Art Book

leather art sketchbook draw

The Chronicle Art Book comes with a large 8.5" x 11" sketchbook Canson Art Book for your illustrations. This book boasts large 216 blank pages for your creative creations. Pages are acid-free, erasable, and smudge free resistance. Get started on your next work of art today!