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The Perfect Pair

We always get excited over the new IDEA notebook for its slim profile, new linen cover, and optional leather strap closure. It's full of great features and is becoming one of our more popular books. Pair this great notebook with a Tactile Turn pen, a handcrafted Texas-born brand that embodies true American craftsmanship. 


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IDEA Notebook

Put your ideas in a permanent place when inspiration hits. The IDEA notebook is a different kind of leather book designed for the creative on-the-move and perfect for endless writing. Featuring 96 lined pages with a built-in bookmark, assorted linen covers, and optional leather strap closure, it's an excellent notebook for any writer's style. 


Tactile Turn Pens

No better way to leave your mark than with a uniquely handcrafted writing instrument from American craftsmen, Tactile Turn. Choose from three different styles.

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Mover Pens

The latest release from Tactile Turn using a classic design, the Mover Ballpoint Pen is for those who prefer something more traditional. It's an incredibly reliable pen intended for years of use while you elevate your writing. Words don't do it justice. It needs to be held to be fully appreciated. 


fountain pen tactile turn

Gist Fountain Pen

Your writing has the power to touch hearts and give life to your words. You'll need a worthy tool and we absolutely love the Gist Fountain Pen. It's an incredibly well-balanced pen that's perfect for long periods of use. If you've never used a fountain pen before you're in for a unique and fun experience!   

Tactile Turn pen glider

Glider Bolt-Action Pen

Perfect for the savvy writer, this Tactile Turn Glider pen offers a premium writing experience that makes it hard to put down. Choose from four different styles.