Phoenix Copper Water Bottle ($48)

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girl with copper water bottle on rock

Rustic Style

Rich copper color with a warm leather accent make the Phoenix Copper Water Bottle a utilitarian staple of any workspace or travel bag. Featuring a wide-mouth top and available with eight different sleeves, it’s perfect for the hydration-conscious. See the colors.

copper bottle on table

100% Ayurvedic Copper

We know what you’re thinking. Copper for a water bottle? 

We get that a lot.

Not only is it stylish, but there's plenty of evidence of the positive benefits of the ancient Ayurvedic method of storing your drinking water in copper containers. Here's a few you might not have known about:

  1. Scientific studies have shown that copper removes bacteria and impurities from water due to what is called the ‘oligodynamic’ effect- the antimicrobial properties of certain metals. In fact, this study done in a hospital environment actually found it was more effective than alternate methods of purification including hyperchlorination!
  2. Copper is an essential trace mineral that our body requires for metabolic functioning
  3. Since the human body cannot synthesize copper, we need to obtain it from dietary sources. Foods such as nuts, legumes, leafy greens and seafood can be great sources of copper. However, they only provide small amounts of copper, leading us to find the balance from other sources like drinking copper infused water.
  4. Copper helps neutralize toxins, ionize and balance the pH in water making the water fit for consumption. 
  5. Other benefits include: reducing inflammation, improving digestion and boosting immunity

If you'd like more info on this and what Ayurveda is, go here.

Personalize it

personalized copper water bottle

Add an engraving to either make it your own or to add that extra touch when sending one as a gift.

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