Prestige Leather Playing Card Case

Our new custom leather case is hand-sewn, snap fastened, and fitted to protect your playing deck in true archaic fashion. Designed as a safeguard to transport your cards, this case will catch your eye a mile away. Get your own copy of the polished Theory11 Union Cards included.

Introducing our new Prestige Leather Playing Card Case with one deck of polished Union playing cards! This case is custom built to standard tuck box dimensions ensuring a snug fit and reinforced with hand-sewn waxed linen. Protect your favorite playing cards with our top-grain leather case. Choose from 8 colors.

Snug Fit

Engineered to securely hold and preserve your favorite playing cards as you take them with you wherever you go. Trust us, time and leather go hand in hand. Rather than your cards getting scuffed up, let the case take on dings and blemishes as it develops its unique patina telling its story. This design is a snug fit to help extend the life of your cards all meanwhile obtaining a raw and rustic appearance.

Celebrate America

Designed and made in the USA by top celebrated and unparalleled playing card manufacturer-Thoery 11. Own a slice of Americana with the Union deck that’s included in your purchase. See art work and representation of colonial America down to the pip and courts of this mesmerizing deck. Throughout the deck you’ll find brave symbols and messages of hope, freedom, and independence.

Entirely Custom

The Prestige leather case was specifically designed for the Union cards but can host standard size playing cards as well. Take it one step further by adding a personlization touch for an additional small fee. Whether you’re a fan of Hold ’em, Go Fish, War, Solitaire, or magic tricks; this is fun gift for yourself or a friend who enjoys  to keep themselves entertained.

Dress To Impress

These cars come wrapped in a thick, card-stock tuck box with metallic copper accents. This case is too elegant to not carry around. Over a year in the making, the Union Playing cards go beyond its intricate face card design. Created from scratch from designer Jay Fletcher. You’ll catch yourself unable to look away from its captivating art and charm.