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Soft Leather Binder - 8.5" x 11"
Travis (New York, US)
Exceeded expectations

I wish I had jumped on this binder sooner, but spent time researching the hundreds of other options. But this binder is perfect so just stop your search and get it! Not enough pics on the site so I shared some of mine. It fits a regular sized 10.5 inch iPad comfortably in the sleeve. The branding is a little rivet on the back which is cool. The character size on the personalization is a little bigger than I imagined but so well done because it doesn’t stand out too much in the saddle brown color. Love this binder!

Box of Leather Scraps - 2 lb.
Melissa Sorola (Pleasanton, US)
I must've gotten the bottom of the barrell

I wish my review could be a great one but unfortunately the box of scraps I received are going to be difficult for me to use being odd angled cut offs, cut offs with cuts and damages right in the middle. I make journals and re-bind books so these scraps don't work for me. I have been able to make 1 decent travelers notebook style journal but the rest of the lot is not so pretty at all and not suitable for bookbinding. I'll have to set it aside for when I'm in the mood to do some kind of other small leather craft one day.

Rustico Mens Leather Belt
Sam Askew (Greensboro, US)
Quality leather with a questionable design

I've had these belts 3 months now, and the leather is genuine and high quality. As a whole, I am very pleased with these belts, with only one criticism.

One end of the belt loops around the buckle and is fastened back onto itself with four screws. These screws can get loose surprisingly easily! On one of the belts, one of these four screws has come off on two separate occasions. Luckily I noticed this happening each time, recovered the screw, and reattached it.

My advice to Rustico is to use bolts instead, or screws that are much tighter and harder to loosen, that kind of thing.

Otherwise these belts are great!

Super Loop Leather Keychain
Sharon Walker (San Antonio, US)
Leather keychain

Excellent quality! Could not be happier with my keychain. A quality product, well made.

Leather Screwpost Binder
Juan Arboleda (Toronto, CA)
Love my Acting binder!

Been carrying this binder with me everywhere! Keeps my scripts off damaging and also the leather quality and material is so cool and durable to carry around. Awesome purchase!

Leather Daily Planner Log
Talin Shahverdian (Los Angeles, US)
It’s beautiful. Big enough and small enough. Perfect.

Gorgeous. Will be back for more

Screamin’ Deal!

Great paper. Not too thick, but thick enough to know its quality! No ghosting or bleed through however it may depend on your pen/ink. I’ve never had a problem. My wife was gifted one of the expedition journals for being a presenter at the pinners conference in 2017. I wanted one for myself so I bought some refills and a new expedition journal to go with them and I love it! You have a future customer for sure!

Surveyor Leather Messenger Bag
Carmine D’Avino (New York, US)
Real leather, Real quality, Real craftsmanship

I’ve purchased several items from Rustico at this point including file folder, toiletry bags and a messenger bag for my son. All have been well constructed and made of nice leathers. I liked the messenger bag so much, I ordered one in a different color for myself.

Esterbrook Bee Page Holder
Misty H. (Hutchinson, US)
Beautiful & Well Made

I’d like to say that this Bee page holder is absolutely stunning and so well made. It has weight to it and such an eye catching piece! If you’re on the fence about ordering it, go for it! You won’t be disappointed!

So handsomely made

I bought this for my son as he is reaching his last year of high school. The stitching is flawless. The condition of the leather is so fine and immaculate. My son loves it so much. I had it personalized. Just the look of the journal is spectacular. The smell of the quality of the leather is appealing. And looking at it further, I can definitely see the attention and dedication of making something so stunning and marvelous. He loves it. I love that he loves it. So because I am so pressed with Rustico, I bought a journal for myself too.

Leather Mini Tote Bag
MaryAnn L (Rockford, US)
Leather Mini Tote Bag

I've been waiting for Rustico to have this small compact Leather Mini Tote Bag. The wait was worth it!! The leather is so soft and smell of leather is always so refreshing. It's compact but fits a lot of items, I have a small journal, make up kit bag, money coin purse, cell phone and it can fit more items. I love the keyholder I can attach my keys, purse hook. It keeps its shape, it stays upright and not fall over. Love my Leather Mini Tote Bag!! Rustico have one of the best customer service.

Leather AirTag Dog Collar
Alyssa (Boylston, US)
Great quality collar

Been using this collar since it came in last week, it’s beautiful! And her name on it is such a nice touch. Love the AirTag compatibility!

Leather Cowboy Wallet (Tall)
Kirstie Kay (Sacramento, US)
New Wallet Swag!!

The tall cowboy wallet is sleek and sexy. It feels good and durable and the smell is of course fantastic.
The card slots are the perfect fit which seemed to be an issue with other wallets I’ve purchased elsewhere. I am in love and hope it lasts me years🖤

Esterbrook Bee Page Holder
Josh Toback (Santa Cruz, US)
Can’t believe I went for it🤷🏼‍♂️

I bought this expensive page holder for my Traveler’s Notebook, and it works great. Was it worth all the money, I guess 🤷🏼‍♂️😅

Big Idea Leather Album
Amy C. (Kannapolis, US)
Eh, not as hoped

I was looking for a very good quality (substantial leather journal) as a gift. This product underwhelmed me. In all fairness, the leather is beautiful but the “torn” pages were cut using craft scissors that my daughter used when she was young. Very cheap looking. I’m disappointed in the personalization—it’s so tiny and ill-fitting on the cover. I expected it to be larger for the size journal I got (the 10x10 size). Instead, it’s very small and unnaturally too far to the right (it’s almost at the bottom and right edge). It doesn’t look right. But it’s fine I guess. Finally, I paid $13 extra for the gift box. Save your money. It’s a flimsy/thin t-shirt box that is way too large for my journal. I’m going to toss it and find something better. For the money I spent, I expected a little more.

Pocket Journal

This is my 4th product from Rustico and each purchase is better than the last

Premium Insert 09 - 3-pack - 5" x 8"
Carol Delaurier (New York, US)
Great price for the 3 pack inserts

Love the leather journal and being able to get fillers for it at a good price. Nice paper to draw on or take notes!

Rustico Mens Leather Belt
Artem I. (Belmont, US)
Measure once, cut thrice?

Great quality leather and hardware and nice finish. The sizing, however, seems inconsistent. I ordered 3 belts in the same size. One met the measurement criteria on the website. The other two were longer, one by 1.5 inches, and the other by nearly 3 inches. Lucky for me, I slightly underestimated the size I needed, so this more or less worked out.

Leather Hunting Log
Thomas Brown (Winston, US)
Paying it forward

Outstanding product. I got 2 to give to my guide and his wife who both hunt Elk, since they took me to where my Elk was hiding.

Perfect compact professional notebook

I continue to go back to Rustico for quality, ‘every day carry’ type of items. This notebook did not disappoint. High quality (a given), looks great, practical, professional, refillable . . The notes pages are also great quality, no issues with how the pages lay when writing on them. I got the pro version for the extra slots and pen holder. Good choice. As always, very happy with this.

Leather Passport and Vax Card Holder
Brian Castleberry (Tampa, US)
Better than expected!

This is a high quality, luxury product. It has surpassed all my expectations and I am happy to refer this company and specifically this product to anyone that will listen!

Byway Leather Bracelet
Jaebee (Fredericksburg, US)
It’s beautiful!!

The bracelet is quality leather and smells so good. I love it and want another.

Premium Daily Planner Refill
Mary and Lisa (Tracy, US)
Fab Planner Book

Love the workmanship. I love and still enjoy all my Rustico items I have bought in the past.

Leather AirTag Dog Collar
Mike (Ashburn, US)
Love it

Great quality. Looks beautiful on our dog too.

Cool Apron Set

So I saw this apron on a waiter and thought it was really cool, and I asked him about it, and it was my style because I do machining in the garage, and ordered one.
I thought the whole apron was leather, but the apron portion is canvas, which is fine, I still like the olive color, reminiscent of days long before I walked this earth. I liked how the leather ties were riveted onto the apron on the top. I liked the style. It shouted to me to get one.
Last night a rivet from each side of the 2 riveted top apron straps came out. Literally fell out and apart. I inspected the rivets and found the receiving half of the rivet too large for the stem, which is why they fell apart. So you may want to go back and re-evaluate your riveting process, someone may be just tapping them in and not getting them to mushroom properly so they hold. I would also do a final inspect before my product left the building.
I ordered some leather rivets and a rivet set, I am familiar with the process, I don't have any on hand because leather rivets are typically junk and easy to come by from a leather store, which... has closed up recently... so back to Amazon we go.
The rivets should show up in the next couple of days, and I will repair the apron because I am easily capable of fixing this myself, and i'm not the type of person to go off and rant holy hell about cheap rivets failing, they do, you get more, you put them in, and you go on.
But since you asked for feedback, look into your rivets, they failed without any force on them whatsoever, so you may need to re-evaluate your tooling setup and whether you are pressing them in with an arbor press, or striking them with a hammer. Do some testing and see what happens.
It could just be a bad batch of rivets, they are made of junk, it happens.