Shipping Warranty

Rustico Shipping Warranty

At Rustico, we understand that sometimes things happen to packages after they are shipped. To give you peace of mind, we offer a super affordable shipping warranty at checkout. That way, if something happens to your package we can figure out the best way to get the product to you. This warranty does not apply to the timing of the arrival of packages. Due to COVID 19 and extra precautions that our hard-working shipping carriers are experiencing, expect delays and plan ahead. There are two types of loss that our shipping warranty covers.


This applies to orders that say delivered but are not at your doorstep.
From the date that the delivery was marked "delivered" please wait five business days before contacting us at We have found that most packages show up in that time. After the five business day waiting period, please reach out! We will work with your shipping carrier to start a claim.

Damaged Items

This applies to orders that are damaged by shipping processes upon arrival.
Please reach out to us immediately. We will ask for pictures of the product. Some little things like scratches and markings are best taken care of at home, by you. Our leather is raw on purpose and will adopt those unique markings over time. We will guide you through that process. Structural damage is another matter. We will have you return the item at no cost to you and replace it.


There may be exceptions to these rules, so please reach out with questions to if you still have questions after you have read the information above.