ystudio brass ruler

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Compliment your Rustico notebook with three excellent accessories geared for any student and writer. We are excited to be offering two new Smithsonian inspired pens from Retro51 and the striking, new Brassing Ruler from Ystudio. Leave your mark with these new pens and a ruler for when you need to be exact. 

1.Vega Rollerball2.Dino Rollerball3.Brassing Ruler

vega retro51 rollerball

1. Tornado Vega Rollerball

Carry a piece of history with this new Tornado Vega rollerball, inspired by the iconic aircraft that carried renowned pilot Amelia Earheart to new heights.


dino retro51 rollerball

2. Tornado Dino Fossil Rollerball

Step back a few million years to the Jurassic period with this addition to the Smithsonian Retro51 collection with the new Tornado Dino Fossil pen


ystudio brass ruler


The most essential office tool is now your favorite instrument. We can't stop looking at the stunning new Brassing Ruler by Ystudio and bet you can't either.